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Visa Services

Visa Services

Visa Services from a UAE Company Business Setup

As an entrepreneur or employer, if you are hiring within UAE or overseas, you need to apply for a free zone visa. Visas in the UAE are the most affordable and usually have a validity period of three years. Processing visa applications need documentation that has to be submitted to the government authorities. The process is complex for expatriates unfamiliar with UAE rules and regulations.

All visa applications are permitted, but you should apply for foreign visas. After getting the initial application, authorities carry out due diligence and security checks on the person's nationality for whom the Visa is required. The verification can take up to 8 weeks to complete. If everything is clear, the application gets approved, and overseas workers can enter the country on a work permit visa. After getting the Visa and Emirates ID card, employees can process visa applications for their families.

There are different categories of Visa:

  • Business Visa
  • Resident Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Nanny visa
  • And many more

Absher for Visa Services in Dubai

UAE Visa Services consultants at Absher Business Consultancy provide their clients with professional and consistent Visa Services.

To work legally in Dubai, one must have valid work authorization. It is associated with the residence visa. The Employer sponsorship provides the essential authorization. 
To become eligible for a residence visa in Dubai, the applicant should have a job with the registered company in Dubai, either Mainland or Free Zone. The company should have a valid establishment card and trade license. Getting a Resident Visa, Investor Visa is easy if the application is in order.

Business Consultants provide the following Visa Services in Dubai.

Collection and attestation of documents

Processing visa applications and submitting them to authorities

Payment of fees for Visa to Government authorities on behalf of the clients

Arrange for medicals and biometrics for clients and accompany them

Arrange business and tourist visas as applicable to the business setup

Complete end to end management for procuring Visa

Tracking and managing the visa renewals for clients

Managing visa cancellation for the employees of their clients and their families.

Consolation and advisory services on immigration matters.

As Visa is related to employment, transfer to another company within the Free zone is possible subject to a "NOC" from the previous employee. The approval will allow the individual to continue with the existing residence visa.
Many businesses first have to get Visa quota approval from the authorities. The Visa is dependent on the nature of the venture. Moreover, it also depends on the size of the office space of any business. The more the office space, the higher the number of sanctioned visas.


Visa Issued


Absher Business consultancy

The firm has a team of experienced immigration consultants who know the entire visa process in the UAE. They work on behalf of their clients. Hence, they liaise with immigration authorities, the Ministry of Labor, and other Free Zone authorities to issue visas for the clients. PRO Services in Dubai ensures that the client gets a quick and hassle-free solution.
We pride ourselves in the top-of-the-line high quality consultation services we offer. We help you with complete transparency and without any biased opinions. We make sure all your visa documents are well prepared and filled before you submit them.

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