Factors that made the UAE the best place for investments 

The UAE is one of the most competitive countries globally, with an absolute advantage in commercial and business services. This has helped to attract global attention as a commercial hub with a high rate of growth.

A business has to look at several factors before deciding where to operate. The UAE’s strategic location, its young and highly-educated population, its role as a regional hub for trade flows, and its significant infrastructure development have convinced many international companies to see the Emirates as an ideal place to do business.

UAE is a top choice for future business investments:

The UAE is a thriving and active business environment that offers entrepreneurs with new opportunities. This country has seen an increase in the number of start-ups and established businesses, which coupled with its status as a leading global hub for trade, diplomacy and finance . These factors makes the country a very attractive place  to investors. 

This country offers a friendly business environment and is one of the safest places in the world. It also attracts foreign capital investment, as well as funds from regional countries due to its diversified and growing economy. The infrastructure needed for business operations is available, including telecommunication services, utility support (water, electricity), airport services and more.

The UAE is a great place to do business, as it has all the factors that are key to success. There is a large talent pool, a strong infrastructure and government policies that encourage growth. Some of these factors include: 

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1- Foreigners ownership

A new investment framework has been launched in the UAE, which aims to make it easier for foreign investors to set up and run companies 100% owned by non-residents. This allows companies that are 100% owned by foreign parties to compete in specific sectors still regulated by the government. The company needs only obtain an operating license and a commercial registration certificate from a recognized authority such as the Ministry of Interior or UAE Central Bank.

2- Easy long-term Visas

UAE investments are a great way to secure a long-term visa. The option to apply for an unlimited number of long term visas under the same investment project and operate freely in the UAE. Eligible Foreign Investors are entitled to visa free entry into the UAE for periods of up to 12 months per entry. This is a very important advantage, as the investor can travel back and forth whenever needed. Project owners and investors can stay in the UAE for up to five years without having to renew their visas (Note: Long-Term Visit Visas cannot be granted on arrival at an airport). 

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3- Supportive policies

The UAE seeks to attract and retain the world’s best technology companies and emerging businesses. It does this through policies that are supportive of investment, entrepreneurship, intellectual property (IP) rights and innovation. This is why the UAE has a range of policies designed to attract technology companies and support emerging companies through innovation, the provision of highly qualified manpower and the setting up of incubators. The country’s leaders are also keen to make it attractive for investors from abroad by offering incentives such as attractive taxation packages and streamlined processes. 

The government has also developed a number of institutions and programmes to aid those who wish to establish businesses in the country, or participate in its growth.

4- Financial help

The UAE offers a variety of incentives to international investors, and provides financing and facilitating the access of small and medium-sized companies and the process of any Company Formation in Dubai  . These services are implemented through a diverse range of economic support institutions, including the Free Zones of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah, as well as numerous government-backed financing companies. 

This support, through lending and facilitation of loans, is the key factor behind the growth of these firms, which will eventually contribute towards achieving national economic diversification.

5- Supports young innovators

The UAE is committed to supporting young innovators to bolster the development of the innovative economy and enable them to harness their potential for other national objectives. The UAE follows the investment philosophy of ‘future’, which aligns with the vision to provide pioneering educational and technological development that is open to all.

6- Easy registration process

As a developed and highly attractive investment option, the United Arab Emirates offers a wide range of financial benefits to investors looking for a Business Setup Dubai. With a combination of attractive policies, minimal bureaucratic procedures, ease of licensing and flexibility in legislation the state is always keen on maintaining and fostering the growth of the business sector. 


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